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“Otrada Gen” Ltd. was established in 2005 and today it’s the fastest growing pig producer in Lipetsk region. Our company combines the best breeding technologies and the best practice with the possibilities in the Russian market. Simple modern organization structure, French - Danish management and highly skilled Russian employees guarantee the efficiency and quality in all business processes. We are a socially responsible production company which operates in accordance with Russian legislation and in cooperation with Russian authorities. We seek to retain entrepreneurial spirit and be an attractive working place for our employees. “Otrada Gen” Ltd. has highly skilled management and knowledge within genetics and pig breeding and our production meets the highest standards for environmental protection and animal welfare.

“Otrada Gen” Ltd. is the first fully independent DanBred multiplicator in Russia

In 2012, “Otrada Gen” Ltd. purchased the first DanBred purebred pigs from Denmark for the new multiplication farm in Lipetsk region. This complex was developed for breeding animals with DanBred genetics. DanBred is the clear leader on the Danish market and recognized as one of the world’s best breeding systems. Due to high genetic level of the sows, they have more surviving piglets per litter. You can read more about DanBred here.

Our multiplication complex consists of two farms: “Farrowing site” for 2200 sows and a “Fattening site”. The farm was built in accordance to the latest directives on animal welfare. The supervision of Danish herds is in the hands of dedicated and well trained employees. All animals have a health status according to the SPF-SuS (Specific Pathogen Free) program. We observe the strictest rules for protecting pigs against the risk of infection. The health is checked regularly. You can read more about the SPF-SuS program here.

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