About us

History of “Otrada Gen” Ltd.

“Otrada Gen” Ltd. was founded in 2005 in the district of Dobrinka in the Lipetsk region. Founder and CEO of the company is Patrick Hoffmann. Among investors are: “Sucden” – one of the world leaders in sugar trading, and 5 individuals among which is Emmanuel Quidet, the Chairman of the French/Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In autumn 2005 the company remodeled an old pig farm located in the village of Bolshaya Otrada into a modern 1 200-sow production complex.

In March 2006 the farm was populated with breeding animals. The first hogs were sold in the spring of 2007. Today, the complex produces 30 000 pigs per annum.

To secure quality and sufficient volume of feed, “Otrada Gen” Ltd. opened its own feed mill which covers the farm’s total feed requirement since May 2007.

In spring 2011 the Company started construction of a 2 200-sow multiplication complex with DanBred genetics. It is situated in Dobrinka district, Lipetsk region. This farm produces 60 000 heads per annum, including 20 000 breeding animals. Farm population started in February 2012. The scope of this second farm encompasses a grain storage and feed mill.

The construction of an additional 2 200-sow multiplication farm is planned to get started in spring 2013. This farm should be populated by the end of 2013 and animals for sale available in Q4 – 2013.