Animal welfare

Improving the health and welfare of pigs is of high importance to our company. It affects our cost of production, our impact on the environment and the safety of the meat we produce. We built our farms with usage of rigorously tested, 21st century technologies. We respect the directives on animal welfare. Applicable in Russia, as well as the EU, directive on animal welfare in pig barns, that will become mandatory in Europe starting with January 2013. Each animal is provided with a bigger area than prescribed by requirements. From birth we take care that animals are treated with the compassion, dignity and respect that they deserve. This attention means providing wholesome feed, clean water, medical care and an environment that promotes the well-being of our animals. Health programs are designed to prevent diseases entry and minimize illness, injury or suffering.

Our farms are located in the Lipetsk region, where summers are very hot, so pig stables are equipped with modern high pressure water sprinklers. It permits to reduce air temperature and as a result of it the animals feel comfortable, even when there is heat outside. We are cooperating with veterinarians from Denmark. They seek to transfer and to extend their knowledge constantly in order to minimize and to ensure the best possible medical care for animals at the farms. There are no systematic antibiotic treatments implemented in our farms. Such products are used if and only when a specific disease outbreak requires it.

The LY gilts, we sell, are declared free of a whole set of diseases, see “Terms and Conditions”, making them fit for transfer to any region of the Russian Federation.