The high quality of our products is based on the continuing work carried out to improve meat quality, health and environmental impact. We are committed to a sustainable future and recognize that our operations must vigilantly protect the quality of Russia’s natural resources. For heating our complexes we use the most ecological technologies – straw/wood fuelled boilers. These boilers are fuelled by compressed straw/wood and are CO2 neutral for environment. We consistently monitor the manure output and the production facilities on our farms to preserve appropriate air and water quality, keeping our farms safe and our pigs healthy. “Otrada Gen” Ltd. has an agreement with our neighbors who provide us with land in order to bring out the manure from our farms without damaging of the environment in the area. The manure is put directly into the ground, so crops get most value out of the fertilizers from it.

Waste handling on our farms, of course at any time, is carried out in accordance with Russian legislation.