Social responsibility

From the beginning, “Otrada Gen” Ltd. believes that success is only possible if developing a socially responsible business. Reputation depends not only on our high quality products and technology, but also on the manner in which we conduct our relationships with employees, clients, suppliers, government officials and other organizations. We understand our responsibilities to the communities in which we work and the importance of providing them with accurate information about our plans. The high quality of products, transparency and trust-based relationship are the fundamental values which determine each decision of our company. Social responsibility is at the root of every facet in our organization. Success requires also the highest standards of corporate behavior towards our employees. Every employee must observe the best levels of professionalism and responsibility in order to preserve and strengthen the reputation and achievement of “Otrada Gen” Ltd. We see our employees as the most valuable resource. We are committed to provide education, development, safe and healthy working conditions.

We would like to make life in Lipetsk region better, so we do what we can to improve it. “Otrada Gen” Ltd. is sponsor of several educational institutions in Lipetsk. We are proud that the surrounding society and political system sees us with respect and recognition. We comply with local laws and regulations and strive to meet our social, environmental and animal welfare obligations.