Vision & Mission

«Otrada Gen» goal is to build a strong and innovative swine company in Russia while always being a reliable business partner for all the organizations (public or private) involved in any kind of relationship with the Company.


Sustainable customer satisfaction is the mandatory path to go for in order to achieve that goal. Having dedicated and well trained staff able to deliver high quality services and products on a steady base has proven to be very efficient in helping «Otrada Gen» keeping its existing clients happy and gaining new ones.


Innovation has always been and will definitely remain part of «Otrada Gen» DNA. We feel it as our mission to provide the Russian swine industry with new ideas, new products and thus new opportunities. Development of the first independent Danbred Multiplication Farm in Russia and implementation of brand new barn construction technologies supplied by «Euro Slats», an affiliate of «Otrada Gen», are two examples of that business philosophy.  


Although the bulk of «Otrada Gen» top management is yet made of foreigners, the Company always keeps in mind the country and region where its business is conducted. We indeed put a genuine emphasis on how to best “fit into the local picture” so as to share the value we create with our local partners in, among others, purchasing local feed ingredients, providing well-paid jobs including in rural areas, paying taxes and interests, supporting local schools and university, etc.


Full transparency is another dimension «Otrada Gen» Ltd. does not compromise with, because we do believe that it is a sine qua non condition for developing a sustainable business in Russia.


Finally shareholders, management and employees of the Company feel very excited to be part of developing a modern pig industry in Russia on the foundation poured by the Federal Authorities in 2005. We also modestly hope that our enthusiasm and ability to “think out of the box” will have contributed to Russia reaching its goal of being self-sufficient by the end of the decade so far as production of pork meat is concerned.